WPL Board Size     560mm x 640mm
                            Finish Thickness      0.3~3.5mm
                            PCB Layer Count     2~16 Layers
                            Finish Copper     HOZ~6OZ
                            Aspect Ratio      10:1
                            Impedance Requirement      90~100∮10%
                            the Tolerance of Board Thickness  ∮10%
                            Min Finish Hole      0.15mm Laser 0.075mm
                            Hole Position Alignment Extent       ∮2mil
                            Min Trace / Gap of inner layer/ Gap of inner layer    3/3mil
                            Min Trace / Gap of outer layer   3/3mil
                            Min Ring size       4mil
                            Min. S/M Opening ( One Sided )   2mil
                            Min Solder Bridge Design    2mil
                            Plug Hole Size    ∝0.7mm
                            Thickness of Gold Plating   2 ~ 40"
                            the thickness of immersion Gold   2~8u"
                            Width/Height of Silkscreen      5mil/25mil
                            the Tolerance of CNC/PUNCH    ∮0.1mm
                            O/S Test Conditon      50-300V1M-100M
                            CAM Operation System    Orbotech GenesisCAM350
                            surface finish  ENIG Immersion Silver Immersion TinHASL OSP, Gold Finger etc
                            Base Material   CEM-3FR-4HFHigh TgAl laminatecopper laminateTeflon,etc

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