ISO14001 Policy>
    Comply with Laws and RegulationsReduce Environmental Risk Promote Companyˇs Environmental Character

    Reduce the root of generating and emission pollution such asWaste WaterWaste GasWaste MaterialNoise etc

    Improve the utilizing rate of raw material, save the resources.
    Strengthen the Control of Important environmental aspect in Producing PCB during the wholeProcess, Emphasis on Controlling the Waste Water and Solid Waste Material.

    Continue to Improve Producing Process Craft, Carry out the Program

    of Precaution Pollution and Control.
    Declare Reducing Waste Gas Movement andEnvironmental Cognition to Everyone in our Company.
    Hazardous Substance Policy>
    Comply with Laws and Regulations       Customer Satisfaction
    Source Management      Process Control
    Green Environment      Total Participation
      Hazardous Substance Control Index>
    Pb: Lead Free HASL ∝450ppm others∝50ppm
    PBDE ND
    Packing Material(Cd Cr6+ Hg Pb)∝50ppm



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